Thursday, 19 September, 2019

Vakrasana Yoga

This Asana is designed to twist the spine to the right and left side in from its erect position. The spine is made up of highly elastic joints and can be moved to any direction.

Steps to do Vakrasana:

  • 1. Bend the left leg in the knee and place its heel near the thigh. Keep the sole of the left foot flat on the floor and the thigh and knee touching to the chest.
  • 2.Place the left hand in front of the right hand in such a way that the fingers of both the palms face each other and the palms remain flat on the floor.
  • 3. Now turn the neck and the trunk to the right, twisting the spine and look back above the shoulder. Continue smooth breathing.
  • Now exhale and try to twist the trunk to the right side as much as possible taking good support from the left arm, and look towards the right shoulder. This is a complete twist to the right side.
  • 5. Do this asana in the same manner and duration on the left side also.


A very good exercise to make the spine flexible. It is helpful in treating enlarged and congested liver and inactive kidneys. It brings relief to hypertension, constipation and diabetic patients.